Based just east of Paso Robles, Windrose Farm provides Eveleigh with fresh garlic, favas, flowering herbs, and interesting varietals of carrots and radish. The owners Barbara and Bill were a studio musician and realtor before becoming farmers. Herein Barbara answers a few of Eveleigh’s questions about Windrose:

Eveleigh: How long has Windrose been in operation?

Barbara: We have been farming here for 16 years.

Eveleigh: You are currently transitioning from Organic to Biodynamic. Can you explain the difference and why you chose to make this switch?

Barbara: We are switching because the Biodynamic system and philosophy is a better match for our farming practices and beliefs. Biodynamic farming believes that every farm has an individual identity, should be as closed a system as possible – thereby limiting outside inputs, an animal element included if possible. Also we farm by a calendar based on energies of constellations, the stars and universe as well as the moon. The other most important aspect is the use of preparations for compost and fields that are made from herbs, manures and minerals. It is homeopathy for the farm.

Eveleigh: What items that you are growing for the first time this season at Windrose

Barbara: We are growing more Italian greens and herbs, from agretti – to herba stella or minutina to more varieties of chicories and radicchios. These families seem to have an affinity for our soil, water and weather – our terroir

Eveleigh: I see people can visit your farm, camp and enjoy a ‘self-catered farm stay’. Can you explain what this is?

Barbara: We have camping under the apple trees and a self catering farm stay in our tree house trailer. This is a refurbished RV trailer with a little kitchen and eating area, great large double bed and two bunks for little people. It is at the more northern end of the farm under a beautiful oak tree with its own owl.

Visit www.windrosefarm.org for more information.

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