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pumpkin raisin bread
banana bread
both served with molasses butter, apple jam and orange mascarpone

espelette pepper, boiled egg gribiche


chia pudding
flax seeds, almond milk, berries

seeded granola
greek yogurt, apple sorbet, dried currants, milk

fresh fruit
agave, whipped ricotta, mint


soft scramble
lox, buttered leeks, crème fraîche, english muffin

baked eggs
tomato sausage, greens, ossau-iraty cheese, toast

egg sandwich
fried eggs, ham, gruyère, dijon mayo, harissa ketchup, poppy seed bialy

‘bubble & squeak’
corned brisket, fingerling potato & greens hash, mustard seed, sunny egg

big breakfast
two eggs, all natural pork sausage, house bacon, kale,
potato rösti, avocado, sourdough toast


spelt hot cakes
whipped butter, maple, cinnamon

little gems
anchovy vinaigrette, breadcrumbs, grana padano

baby spinach
feta, oregano-walnut vinaigrette

smoked trout
apple-potato salad, arugula

fried chicken
soft roll, buttermilk dressing, morita chili, butter lettuce

grilled cheese
cheddar, mozzarella, swiss, provolone, sourdough

eveleigh burger
selection of dry aged cuts, cheddar, tomato-currant relish, pickle, onion,
mustard aioli, fries

steak & eggs
two sunny eggs, fries, au jus



two eggs
truffled fries