-brunch cocktails-

eveleigh lemonade
chamomile-infused tequila, Combier, Cocchi Americano, fresh lemon juice, honey

iced sherry tea
earl gray – infused amontillado sherry, bourbon, cane sugar, Miracle Mile bergamot bitters

Mexican iced coffee
Reposado tequila, Licor 43, Amaro, Cio Ciaro, cayenne, house made cold brew coffee, with a cinnamon, orange and Angostura cream

red snapper
gin with our house made bloody mary mix

-dinner cocktails-

-bright & citrusy-

bottled beefeater & tonic
(carbonated & bottled)
Beefeater gin with our house-made tonic

the thorn
vodka, Aperol, fresh lemon, passion fruit

singani 63, candied plum syrup, strega, lemons

eveleigh lemonade
chamomile-infused tequila, Cocchi Americano, Combier, fresh lemon, touch of honey

oaxacan phoenix
bourbon, mezcal, celery bitters, serrano pepper, agave,
fresh lemon, smoked sea salt

lucky louie
Clément Premiere Canne, kumquats, fresh lime, ginger, anise

the gavel 15
Koval gin, green chartreuse, Luxardo, lime,

chartreuse candy

(on draught)

Aviation gin, montenegro & fino sherry

-Spirituous & Aromatic-


ramp-infused Ford’s gin, Dolin dry vermouth,

pickled ramp garnish
el borachito

your choice of tequila or mezcal

with Calisaya, Punt e Mes,

Carpano Antica, orange essence
american trilogy

Wild Turkey 101, bonded apple brandy,

spiced apple gomme
uncle winter’s ye old toasted nuts

scotch, oloroso sherry, Amaro Meletti,

toasted pecan bitters

ricard pastis
classic louche

rosso antico
over crushed ice with lemon

lustau fino sherry
home-made limoncello

-pitchers & punches-

serves 5-6, patio and dining room only

eveleigh lemonade
chamomile-infused tequila, liquor d’orange, Cocchi Americano, lemon juice, honey

summer sangria
rosé, pears, tangerines, grapes, lavender brandy, Aperol

in between days
vodka, house-made grapefruit tarragon cordial, dry vermouth,   fresh lemon, soda

draft beer
pilsner – little bo pils – smog city brewing co, torrance – 4.4 abv
double ipa – mongo – port brewing co, san marcos – 8.5 abv
imperial cherry wood smoked saison  – matts burning rosids – stone brewing co, san diego – 10.5 abv

Beer by the bottle
lager – session premium –  full sail brewing, oregon – 5.1 abv
pale ale – 1500 (dry hopped) – drake’s brewing co, san leonardo – 5.5 abv
amber ale – prohibition ale –  speakeasy ales and lagers, san fransisco – 6.1 abv
wheat ale – blue star – north coast brewing co, fort bragg – 4.5 abv
stout – old #38 –  north coast brewing co, fort bragg – 5.6 abv